Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today is Sunday, which means that the weekend is apparently over. Thankfully, tomorrow is Labour Day so I get some more time with the entire family for another day. Plus, it relieves me of that awful feeling I get at the end of a Sunday night where I realize everyone else is dreading work the next day, my elders, and I will sit at home and do basically nothing.

I had a good day. I won't reduce or stretch that statement because it was full without being full of too much excitement or activity. I woke up to my parents calmly discussing my necessity for a higher degree. This usually frustrates me but the house was absolutely still and quiet (my vent was also closed) so I heard my Dad's loud/calm voice approach the matter differently for once. And I came to the conclusion that I should take it into consideration. Krishanu will be busy with his work for the next while, which could posisbly mean years. I am young and I have this opportunitty to ensure that I have a sense of security for the rest of my life. Why should I just drop my aspirations and run the other direction because I feel so guilty? Anyway. Today's entry is not about my sudden desire to actually plan the next year. I simply want to recall the day's events.

Krishanu called home randomly soon after that conversation. My parents were still unaware of my wakefulness at the time. It was a sweet gesture on his part and it really made a difference in the general mood of everyone at home. I'm glad he is patient and terrific at explaining matters that would otherwise be difficult for a person to understand.

I had a breakfast of PB&J, an egg roll (I'm random like that) and french vanilla coffee with hazelnut cream, lots of milk and of course, Cool Whip.

We had mangso bhat for lunch, but it was special because it was "desi" chicken. This means that it was quite flavourful and worth the effort of eating it. But my mom's hand got cut while she cut the chicken itself, which was NOT worth it. :-( I really feel so scared when any small thing happens to her.

I briefly talked to my friend who shall remain nameless here, for today.

I studied French, the least bit.

I cleaned the bathrooms and for once, I didn't take forever to do it. Somehow I just did it and I finished.

I wanted to vaccum but that might happen tomorrow.

I took over my mom and rolled parota for my brother and grandmother.

I just came upstairs after having washed the dishes by hand, but prior to that, my entire family sat in the family room and we talked about a range of topics, from development issues in India to old teaching methods (some violent) in India. My parents and grandparents told us about the stuff they personally experienced when they were elementary students: student life in the village. It's pretty hilarious to hear about how naughty kids can be, but at the same time it's quite sad that so many people are exposed to so much fear and violence in an institution of learning and knowledge. What the fuck is up with that?

Oh, and I almost forgot. My brother drove me to the library. I returned my library stuff at the front. He wasn't in the greatest mood the entire time. He's easily annoyed by me but I can't say I'm indifferent when I'm around him. I deliberately annoy the heck out of him because it's hilarious to see his reactions. But I wish I seemed less annoying while in the passenger seat with him.

Oh, and of course! Krishanu and I got along. We must make note of that. That's pretty good for an entire weekend. I wonder what the coming work week has in store for us. Weekends, for us, is usually excused so that we can just clobber each other with negative energy and words. Not_fun. Speaking of which (well, not really), it's 11:30 PM here and it's Monday there and he should wake up by now. Hm!

Au revoir! A bientot! And thanks... to whomever. Sometimes good days seem like such a paradise lost in the distance.

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